Zephyrus & Khloris

Had the grooviest divine intervention on Zephyrus and Khloris earlier this day, The world makes sense in the quirkiest of waysss …

The awkward feels you get when Thanatos walks with you at night


mythology meme » [1/9] Greek Gods/Goddesses

Born to Nyx (Night) and Erebos (Darkness) and twin brother of Hypnos (Sleep), Thantos was the daemon personifcation of death or the non-violent god of death.  He is, however, depicted as being merciless and indiscriminate, hated by - and hateful towards - mortals and deathless gods. 

[…] but the other has a heart of iron, and his spirit within him is pitiless as bronze: whomsoever of men he has once seized he holds fast: and he is hateful even to the deathless gods.

finallly !!!! Thanatos gets some attention, though i should add I’ve never read about him being hateful but a rather morose and mellow character

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Presumptions and Resistance

   If you vehemently resist and oppose something, just know, you will indeed succumb to it, and it will be great, you will love it, and you will indulge in it. Life is change and once you accept it, once you embrace it, you’ll be better because of it, better because you’ll be a happier person

Never say you wouldn’t/wont do something, life is a sequence of ever-changing circumstances, it’s quite foolish to believe you got life by the horns when in reality were but a mere particle in the vastness that is the cosmos

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